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  • Jason Hesley

Epic Metal from Dreamslain!

Incorporating extreme metal elements with classical influences and a progressive twist, Dreamslain perform their own unique interpretation of epic metal. Their new single ‘Burn The Boats’ will release on the 26th April 2023, offering a glimpse into the band’s second full-length album.

“We are happy to present our next single, 'Burn The Boats' to be released 26.04! The single deals with the destruction of traditional fishing vessels in the Mediterranean Sea, particularly in Greece, for the benefit of larger scale commercial fishing.”

Dreamslain deliver a powerful offering in ‘Burn The Boats’. Rich piano tones, thundering percussion and distorted guitars combine into an immersive and melodic sound. The single is enhanced further by Dreamslain's inclusion of a bass organ, and their intricate clean guitar interlude melodies bring further dynamic interest into the mix. Reaching almost ten minutes in length, this epic piece aptly conveys an emotive narrative through both their lyrics and composition. The contrasting clean vocals and brutal harsh complement the instrumentation and contribute to the mood of the song. ‘Burn The Boats’ builds on Dreamslain's previous releases seeing them push the boundaries of their sound and compositional style.

About Dreamslain:

Founded in 2010 by Igor Jakobsen and Daniel Paulsen Figenschou, Dreamslain’s line-up was completed in 2013 with the addition of Anna Loppacher. The trio’s debut EP, Tales of War, was initially unleashed in 2016, and subsequently remixed and re-released two years later. Dreamslain ventured into the live scene early in their career and have performed in Switzerland, in Sweden and their home, Norway including performances with Circus Maximus in Tromsø in 2018, Bergen with Vulture Industries in 2021, and Madder Mortem in 2022 also in Tromsø. Dreamslain’s first full-length album, Tales of Knights and Distant Worlds, released as a double album on CD, was unveiled in January of 2021 and saw the metallers expand their reach to new lands.

Dreamslain weave powerful messages through their art. Lyrically they explore historical and political events bringing to light the injustice in our world. They also journey into fantasy realms seeking to explore the human condition through different creative spaces. Whether based in fantasy or reality, Dreamslain convey their core message of fighting for justice and the rights for all to have fulfilling lives with powerful music.

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