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  • Jason Hesley

Enter The Battlefield w/ TYRANTS OF CHAOS WWII Inspired Video “The Black Gap”

Tyrants of Chaos are unveiling their latest music video "The Black Gap" off their third album "Relentless Thirst for Power" released this past August.

A war history buff, vocalist Phil Sirias penned the lyrics for the track along with many others on their latest record. "The Black Gap" depicts a time in World War II history where German U-Boats were sinking large numbers of ships in the unprotected area of the North Atlantic called "The Black Gap".

"It's another heavy hitting mosh worthy banger with a darker, sludgier tone that fans can really get in to. The lyrics were actually written over 10 years ago and the overall song covers topics such as corruption, greed, ignorance, and turning a blind eye," adds Sirias.

The music video for "The Black Gap" can be viewed above.

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