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  • Jason Hesley

Enochian Black Metal Band TIGGUO COBAUC Takes a Journey Between Inner Torment and Renewal with Single & Video of “Eternal Quietus“!

Nottingham-based band TIGGUO COBAUC will release the new album “A Fountain Of Anguish Is Gone“ on April 26th via Trepanation Recordings (UK), Fetzner Death Records (EU), and H-Soundmusic Records (Digital). A new foretaste of the band’s Enochian Black Metal is now available with the single “Eternal Quietus”, available on the main digital streaming platforms as well as video on the band’s YouTube channel.

Watch the video of “Eternal Quietus“ here! 

UK fans can pre-order “A Fountain Of Anguish Is Gone“ by Trepanation Recordings: 

EU clients can pre-order by Fetzner Death Records:

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