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  • Jason Hesley

Enchantya to release Symphony of Cerberus album - Rising Star single and video out now!

Portuguese symphonic metal band Enchantya released their third studio album Cerberus earlier last year via Finnish record label Inverse Records. To celebrate the success they're now releasing the whole album as Orchestral version. The release date for 'Symphony of Cerberus' album is set to be 26th April 2024.  The first single Rising Star (Orchestral version) is released today and the music video is available here: 

Pedro Antunes comments: " “Cerberus” was EnChanTya’s most symphonic and bombastic album to date. When people’s reactions to this direction of the band were so positive and gave us the honor of receiving the Album of the Year award by the most famous Metal Magazine in our country, Caminhos Metalicos, we decided to strip the songs down to its orchestral elements and give ourselves and our listeners a sister version of them, a more classical and symphonic approach to the world we explored in “Cerberus”. It is a celebration of the album’s success and also a more experimental vision like the band has always been happy to take. 

We found that “Rising Star” should be the first gateway into this new project because of its cosmic and relaxing nature, standing in contrast to the heaviness of the original song, which represents  the vision for this side-album so well.


We hope that you enjoy this take on “Rising Star”, and that it entices you to check out “Symphony of Cerberus” on April 26th!" LISTEN Rising Star (Orchestral version) on streaming services: 

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