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  • Jason Hesley

En finir present Résigné

Created by Maxime LePrince Beiler, his first release, "Résigné", explores themes of deep loneliness and inner torment, giving rise to latent rage. This opus features haunting compositions and evocative lyrics co-written by LePrince and François Picca, with intense vocals provided by Romain Habrzyk.

Recorded at Dem “Nebiros” Gillard’s Nebiros Studio, the music creates a landscape that is both chilling and unique.


"En Finir...": a depressive Black Metal project. In the darkest hours of the first lockdown of 2020, a musical entity emerged, channeling the depths of despair. "En Finir...", coined by Maxime LePrince Beiler, marks the genesis of a new sinister auditory odyssey. This enigmatic project unveils its first Album, “Résigné”, a journey into the heart of a deep solitude where comfort remains elusive, even in the company of others. The music of “Résigné” reflects the torment and anguish that envelops the human spirit, giving rise to a dormant inner rage. The haunting compositions of “Résigné” come from the mind of LePrince, a diversely inspired and melancholy soundscape that defies easy categorization. The lyrics were co-written by LePrince and François Picca. The vocals come from the talented Romain Habrzyk. Recording of the album took place at Dem "Nebiros" Gillard's Nebiros studio. The guitars and bass were recorded by LePrince, the drums were programmed by Nebiros. “En Finir…” invites you to embrace the dark corners of existence, to confront the haunting truths that reside within each of us. “Résigné” is more than an Album; it is a journey through the labyrinthine corridors of human experience. Enter the abyss and let the haunting melodies and evocative lyrics of “Résigné” envelop your senses.

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