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  • Jason Hesley

Empty to release "Omnia Amet Lorem" on Dec. 16th!

Militancy, devotion, underground. After almost three decades of existence, Empty re-emerge from the shadows with Omnia Amet Lorem, their sixth album. Founded around 1995 in Zaragoza, Spain, they were one of the first bands to play black metal there, and the dark flame doesn’t seem to be extinguished. Not at all, because introducing two new members, bassist Nemac (Cryptic Wanderings) and drummer Khloros, Empty continue the tireless search for their own path, the research of forbidden knowledge, evolving relentlessly from that unholy black metal with symphonic touches of their early days.

Omnia Amet Lorem, which has been released on CD and digipack CD via Drakkar Productions, on tape by A Fine Day To Die and in a limited edition on vinyl thanks to Vertebrae and Negra Nit, swirls around negativity and pessimism, but without falling into cliché. As usual with the Aragonese, decay and depression do not necessarily bring slowness or heaviness. This is a blanket of darkness woven during the winter of 2021 to 2022, with guitars and bass recorded at their place by S. Cavero and J. Manzano (Ataraxy), the vocals also recorded there together with Sergio García from Zulo Producciones, and with the drums recorded at Moontower Studios by Javi Félez, who has also mixed and mastered the opus.

Also worth mentioning are the collaborations of Teresa Barraco on ‘The Self Dissolves Into Demise’ and ‘Decease Of Internal Light’, as well as Lord Vanth on the additional solos.

Behind this cover by Ricardo García hides a powerful death spell, not lacking in suggestive keyboards and majestic, extended, cursed, and fantastically driven songs.

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