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  • Jason Hesley

Embracing the Raw and Untamed: 'Wetterwarte / Waltherstrasse' by Slow Green Thing!

The band Slow Green Thing is proud to present their latest record, "Wetterwarte / Waltherstrasse", an embodiment of their journey through the Dresden music scene, marked by dedication and a hands-on approach to music production.

The record, "Wetterwarte / Waltherstrasse," emerges from the band's experiences within Dresden's iconic rehearsal spaces. Comprising six tracks, this album encapsulates the essence of their musical exploration and growth. The project is a testament to the band's commitment to a DIY ethos, with every aspect of the album, from recording to production, handled independently.

Slow Green Thing's sound is a fusion of '70s hard rock and the depth of modern Stoner and Doom Metal, creating a unique blend that balances intense heaviness with melodic nuances. Their music reflects a commitment to maintaining a distinct identity while paying homage to their varied influences.

Since its formation in 2013, Slow Green Thing has seen various changes in both lineup and musical direction, each contributing to the band's evolution. The current lineup of Sven, Dave, Joerg, and Martin has solidified the band's foundation, bringing diverse creative perspectives.

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