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  • Jason Hesley

ELS FOCS NEGRES delivers a Speed Metal storm with their new release, "Martiris Carnivors!

Emerging from the sun-scorched moorish vast lands of baix Llobregat - Purgatório in southern Portugal, where temperatures soar higher than the fiercest sun, ELS FOCS NEGRES introduces a tempestuous blend of molten metal. Expect a distinctive sonic explosion, a melange of pounding and diabolical sound waves forming a Heavy Armageddon Speed Metal onslaught.

Founders Monsenyor BTHZR and Hugo Serp de Cascavell C. were soon joined by their brethren Marco Arpes Infernals Marouco, Rick el Regni, and Marco Dolor, choosing the Catalan language to channel their infernal verses.

Their debut eucharist in 2020 set a blasphemous tone with eight liturgical hymns. Now, a new eucharist looms, heralding chaos, and a call to the devout to expect the unexpected, kneel, pray, and be wary. Because ELS FOCS NEGRES are on a mission - a mission to seize your very souls. Prepare for their newest offering, "Martiris Carnivors: Hymns Per A Um Nou Apocalipsi," released under the mighty banners of Firecum Records and RagingPlanet.

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