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  • Jason Hesley

Electric Valley Records presents the 3rd EP, Séance, of Stonus!

Electric Valley Records presents the 3rd EP, Séance, of Stonus; arrived March 26th on vinyl (Black and Ultra LTD “Psychic Edition”) and digital formats.

Formed in 2015 in Nicosia, Cyprus, and based in London since 2018, heavy rockers Stonus delivers psychotic performances and high voltage sound while upholding old school attitude. Their acclaimed 2020’s debut LP, Aphasia, released by Electric Valley Records and Daredevil Records, got into the AOTY list of several heavy music publications. The Mediterranean stoner rock group has played several festivals and gigs in London, Bucharest, and Cyprus. In February 2020, they participated at Metal 2 the Masses London 2020 – Heat 10 for a place at Bloodstock 2020, where they won first place and proceeded to the next round. Unfortunately, the competition got postponed due to COVID19.

Their 3rd EP, Séance, is entirely an analog recording. A séance or séance is an attempt to communicate with spirits. The word mainly denotes a spiritual meeting where people gather to contact ghosts, commonly through a medium.

Following the release of their debut album, Aphasia, in early March 2020, Stonus found themselves in the middle of the pandemic, forced to cancel their first European tour — leaving the members isolated in Cyprus, Leeds, and London. This was an emotionally heavy period for the band since they were forced to stay away from the activities that kept them together. However, these restrictions gave them space to reflect on themselves, enabling them to connect and unify with higher energies explored through consciousness, meditation, and spiritual melodies. This is where Séance was born, through the ashes of frustration, loneliness, and isolation, a silent scream for freedom, self-realization of multiple possible realities, and an esoteric outbreak leading to a superficial ego-death.

In this outing, the Cypriot group takes a more experimental approach seeking tradition, experiencing folk sounds and gypsy sceneries, and exposing themselves to the darkest side of nature. In some parts, they churn out energies, equally raw and heavy, while in the remaining trip, they fade into a psychedelic trance, filled with roaring basslines, fuzzy riffs, and dreamy melodies.

Whether you’re bound by the evil chains of pretentious love, feeling disconnected from your dreams, or chained to the system, Séance is a kind reminder that you are not alone.

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