• Jason Hesley

Electric Valley Records presents Dixie Goat’s LP There’s No Light Without Darkness!

Electric Valley Records presents Dixie Goat’s LP There’s No Light Without Darkness on three different variants of vinyl (Black, Red Marbled, and Ultra Ltd “Goat Edition”). The album originally came digitally in November 2020, and Electric Valley Records issued vinyl formats on 19th March 2021.

Hailing from Santiago, Chile, Dixie Goat was summoned in 2012 by the guitarist/singer Nikk Beer and drummer Seb Martinez. Recruiting Javiera as the bassist, they soon started operating as a power trio. KF, the current bassist, would later replace Javiera after the 2015’s debut album, Black Sun Child. Channeling doomy hard rock with stoner vibes, Dixie Goat has bred two LPs (including the recently released There’s No Light Without Darkness) and a handful of short releases. Since 2013, they have shared the stage with international acts such as Mondo Generator (USA), Ancestro (Perú), and Montaña Eléctrica (Argentina) and a horde of bands from the local scene.

On the sophomore album, There’s No Light Without Darkness, the Santiago trio put their musical influences into a bowl and mixed them hard enough to forge a down-tuned, heavily distorted, filthy rhythmic record. The songs within the album vary from staggering Sabbath vivacity, rough NOLA hostility, dreary grunge intonation, and dizzying stoner trip. The lyrics of the songs convey topics such as occult, darkness, and nihilism.

It took Dixie Goat five years to make the album, and the outcome is louder, heavier, and slower than any of their previous materials.

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