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Eivør Announces New Album ENN with Lead Single "Jarðartrá"

Eivør comes from one of the smallest places on the planet. She grew up in a village of 400 people, tucked away among the Faroe Islands. But her music, which is shaped by the natural wonders of her homeland, has brought her all over the world. She's performed at Europe's biggest festivals and co-composed the soundtracks to Netflix's hit series The Last Kingdom and the award-winning video game God of War: Ragnarök.    

Today, Eivør is making the next leap in her musical journey by announcing her new album. ENN ties back to her Nordic roots. All eight songs are sung in Faroese and most of the lyrics were written with the island's esteemed poet Marjun Syderbø Kjelnæs. But even though it translates in English as "Still", ENN stands out amid her two decades-long discography as a bold new venture. The album leans heavier into dark electronics and cosmic orchestration, all while reconnecting our hearts' desires with the primal beauty of the earth.   

"ENN is the most nuanced and experimental album that I've created to date", Eivør says. "The songs range from symphonic space opera vibes to more beat-driven and dark electronic moods. I wanted to explore the links between humanity and nature; the primal urges of the heart, the undying desires of the human flesh and the endless struggle we choose to endure in order to achieve our goals. All of this goes on while our planet hurtles through space, setting the stage for our battlegrounds, but also our sanctuaries. Because even though there is an unyielding tide of destruction at the core of this journey, there are also oases of hope and comfort lingering within its blue embrace. The earth speaks out, and the heart listens". 


Watch the video for lead single “Jarðartrá”

ENN comes out June 14 on Season of Mist. 

Pre-order & Stream

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