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EARTHBURNER guitarist Jeremy Wagner showcases a guitar playthrough of the band's first single, "Slaves to the Screen”

EARTHBURNER is the new collaboration from Broken Hope members - guitarist Jeremy Wagner and drummer Mike Miczek alongside Sanguisugabogg vocalist Devin Swank, bassist Tyler Affinito and honorary member on back-up frenzied vocals Mitch Harris (Napalm Death, Righteous Pigs). Their first single/video "Slaves to the Screen" is now available for streaming/download on all digital platforms, or watch the video HERE "Slaves to the Screen" comes from the group's forthcoming album, 'Permanent Dawn,' out later this year on M-Theory Audio. Watch for more news and music soon. 

After years of being on the "back-burner," EARTHBURNER has finally arrived and is now armed with their debut album, ‘Permanent Dawn,’recorded at the famed Criteria Recording Studios (Black Sabbath, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles) in Miami, FL, produced by Tommy McWilliams (Elegant Weapons) and Jeremy Wagner, mixed by Scott Creekmore (Broken Hope, Putrid Pile, Morta Skuld), and mastered by Mike Fuller (Obituary, Death, Judas Priest) of Fullersound in Davie, FL. We love that such a brutally heavy assault was conceived in such a top-notch legendary recording studio. 

"Speaking of the 'Permanent Dawn' album, it's been a longtime coming for me,” states guitarist Jeremy Wagner. “I've wanted to do a full-length EARTHBURNER album forever. I'm far beyond happy that the stars aligned...I got my dream lineup and I got the opportunity to make this debut album.

"I've said before that EARTHBURNER is a separate monster from Broken Hope in terms of style, genre, tuning, vocals, and pure blasting ferocity. And my insane love for Terrorizer's 'World Downfall' album and old Napalm Death and others inspired me and really drove me to do something faithful to this über-extreme genre.

"Thanks to my stepson Tyler, and Devin Swank from Sanguisugabogg, they lit a fire under my ass to bring EARTHBURNER back in a big way, full-time.” 

EARTHBURNER is named after the Broken Hope song of the same name ("Earth Burner" from the ‘Grotesque Blessings’ album) and was created with a mission to deliver nothing short of uncompromising, slamming grind-laden songs tinged with afterworld bleakness and contemporary horror.

EARTHBURNER recorded an EP in 2011 with Wagner on guitar, vocalist Ryan Richards, and Broken Hope drummer Mike Miczek. The trio chose 3 tracks picked specifically for a 3-song EP that they recorded at Mercenary Digital Studios with studio-guru Scott Creekmore tracking, mixing and mastering everything. 

Then in 2011, Wagner was approached to reform Broken Hope and make it a priority. Broken Hope reformed with Wagner and Miczek along for the ride. Broken Hope came back strong and never stopped. During that time, EARTHBURNER was put to the side—until March 2023. Wagner wanted to bring EARTHBURNER back for good and do a full-length album and more. Wagner and Miczek began to reform EARTHBURNER and brought in Wagner's stepson Tyler Affinito from Gloryhole Guillotine on bass. Wagner, Miczek, and Affinito spoke of ideas for singers, and as fate would have it, Affinito got a message from Sanguisugabogg vocalist Devin Swank, asking Affinito if he wanted to do a "grind band" plus, and then asked: "What's your stepdad Jeremy doing with EARTHBURNER?"

It was at that point that Wagner, Miczek, and Affinito asked Swank to join the band. Swank enthusiastically agreed and EARTHBURNER was reborn - and with a mission to write, record, and conquer! In April 2023, EARTHBURNER entered the legendary Criteria Recording Studios in Miami, FL and recorded all of the music for their debut full-length there—11 tracks total. All of the main vocals were recorded at Hypercube Studios in Chicago, IL. Moreover, Mitch Harris (Napalm Death/Righteous Pigs/Defecation) came on board as an "honorary member" as he contributed his brand of vocals on most of the songs. 

EARTHBURNER debut album, ‘Permanent Dawn,’ is set for release fall 2024. Stay tuned!

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