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  • Jason Hesley

Dutch metal band Zubzero releases their new Frostbite EP!

Dutch metal band Zubzero releases their new Frostbite EP, showcasing their potent blend of '90s thrash, raw hardcore, and groove metal. With four powerful tracks, the EP symbolizes the band's evolution and commitment to delivering raw, unadulterated metal music.

For two decades, Zubzero has been injecting the music scene with a high-octane cocktail of thrash metal, hardcore, and grooving rhythms. Their energy is unabated, their sound fresh and powerful, their message poignant. Their latest creation, the Frostbite EP, marks another milestone in their impressive career, set for release on September 2nd, 2023.

Zubzero was born in 1999 from the musical vision of brothers Dirk and Lars Draaisma. Since then, the lineup has grown to include Herman Mulder on bass and Ferdinand Wanders on vocals, crafting a unique sound that's rugged, gritty, and undeniably magnetic. Frostbite is a testament to their musical evolution, capturing the band's signature blend of '90s thrash, raw hardcore, and dirty groove metal.

The Frostbite EP is a riveting journey into the soul of Zubzero, comprising of four high-impact tracks:

"Nakam" is an audacious exploration of the eye-for-an-eye doctrine, stirring listeners to consider the corrosive effects of hate.

"New Day Next Punch" brings a message of resilience, an anthem for those enduring tough times.

"Fine Without You" sends a defiant message to those who would drag us down, symbolically telling them to "head for Mars".

"Bomb Squad" captures the explosive energy of a Zubzero live show, a musical detonation fueled by the symbiotic exchange between band and audience.

In the age of digital music, Zubzero remains a compelling testament to the power of raw, unadulterated metal music. As they switch effortlessly between hardcore, thrash, and groove metal, Zubzero reminds us that they are not just a band - they are a pumping engine that feeds the metal scene.

Frostbite is set to continue Zubzero's legacy of delivering straight in-your-face metal with a hardcore foundation, promising a unique and exhilarating listening experience for fans new and old.

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