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  • Jason Hesley

Dutch Black Metal duo GRAFHOND stream debut 'In harmonie met de dood' at Transmissions from the Dark

'In harmonie met de dood' is a furious pounding of brutal emotionally laden Black Metal. A dense and intense storm of aggressive riffs, mournful chord progressions and taunted vocal performances.

Grafhond formed in 2017, when two distorted individuals searched for a way to musically express their growing discontent with most of the ever growing modern day Black Metal scene. Finding less and less emotional connection there, inspiration came from the early second wave Black Metal movement, where bands like Mayhem, Dissection, Emperor, Darkthrone, Marduk, Burzum etc. carried a certain depth to their expression. Compiling musical ideas with the focus on aggression and despair, and finding a lyrical approach to give a voice to their inner demons, the mini-album 'In harmonie met de dood' started taking shape. With a DIY- attitude, the album was self-recorded/mixed and will be released by Void Wanderer Productions and War Productions. Tracklisting: 1. De zuivering (3:37) 2. Verwekker (3:38) 3. Gefluister (3:49) 4. Gat (3:43) 5. Verslagen (4:12) 6. Voor galg en rad (4:55)

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