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  • Jason Hesley

Dreamworld new single is available!

The studio Melodic Power Metal/Neoclassical project Dreamworld has presented a new single to the audience. The work, titled "To the Call of the Moon," was created in a creative collaboration with guest vocalist Alexey Kryuchkov (Crimson Cry) and the project's permanent member Dmitry Godnya (guitar, bass).


"With this track, we decided to pay tribute to glam metal, with our signature blend of melodiousness and neoclassicism. The plot is classic - the struggle of darkness and light within each of us, the struggle of a werewolf, permeated with darkness, who, feeling endless fatigue from senseless hunts, chooses to leave the bloody dance."


Instrument recording at the "Rock School Studio" (Barnaul)

Sound recording engineer - Anatoly Trenev

Vocal recording - Crimson Cry Studio


Lyrics - Alexander Khololovich

Music - Dmitry Godnya

Cover - Alexander Cheremisin


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