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  • Jason Hesley

Drakon to release "Awakening" on Oct. 28th!

DRAKON was born in 2017 as collaboration between Baldr (guitar, music) and Terror (vocals, bass). In this tandem, in 2017, the first album "First" was released, consisting of 5 author songs and cover of the Polish black metal band Mgła’s song. "First" was published as self-released album, mixed by Anton Moskalenko, with lyrics written by Alena Velichinskaya.

After the release of debut album the line-up split, and Terror released the instrumental EP “The Last Battle of Angels” in the same 2017, after which the project was frozen.

In the fall of 2021 Baldr has resurrected DRAKON on his own. The recording of the second album, called “Awakening”, has begun and many professional session musicians are involved. The album is thematically dedicated to the Spiritual Revival of Man and our Motherland, through the prism of worship of the Forces of Nature.

Tracklist of "Awakening": 1. Closedness of Forest Darkness 2. In the Gloomy Feuding 3. Lunar Path 4. In the Murk of Night 5. Above All 6. Ode to North 7. Embrace of Death

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