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  • Jason Hesley

DRAGONY Releases New Digital Single “The Dead Queen's Race”

After Austrian Symphonic power metal heroes DRAGONY rewrote the history of their country with their latest studio album, Viribus Unitis, it’s time today to dive into the days when Austria was ruled by emperor Franz Joseph and his wife, empress Sisi, once more. Forget everything you’ve heard and read so far! According to DRAGONY, Austrian history took a completely different turn.

This is proven once again on their brand new single “The Dead Queen's Race”. Together with Red Eye Temple lead vocalist Maria Nesh performing as guest singer on the track, DRAGONY deliver a powerful and energetic follow up to their epic release and provide this concept another exciting angle. Accompanied by a visually awesome lyric video, the song is now available on all streaming services worldwide!

DRAGONY about “The Dead Queen's Race”:

"DRAGONYbids farewell to their latest album, Viribus Unitis, released in 2021, with the new, previously unreleased single ‘The Dead Queen's Race’! The brand new up-tempo track adds another chapter to the alternative history saga established in the concept of the Viribus Unitis album, and puts empress Elisabeth, the undead Empress of the Damned, and the character of white mage Harry Houdini, in center focus. The part of Elisabeth is performed by Red Eye Temple lead vocalist Maria Nesh as guest singer, who contributes a colorful vocal mix of clean and extreme vocals to add another layer to the DRAGONY sound. Join us one more time on our journey back to our fictionalized version of fin-de-siècle Vienna and partake in ‘The Dead Queen's Race’!"

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