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  • Jason Hesley

Dragonland joins AFM Records!

The Swedish band takes their chances to make the next giant leap and will release their upcoming record through AFM Records. With the new label and new distribution channels through Soulfood and Believe options for the Melodic Power metal band are increasing heavily.

“We’re thrilled to be working with AFM again for our forthcoming album”, says Elias Holmlid, Dragonland keyboardist and composer. “Fans of Dragonland should know that we’re no strangers to music and tales of epic proportions, and ‘The Power of the Nightstar’ is set to take the listener on yet another awe-inspiring journey - to vast galaxies far away, filled with wonder and terror. We’ve put our hearts and souls into crafting this album, and we hope that you’ll enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed creating it!”

Ten years without a new studio album could be reason enough for a band to fall into oblivion, unless of course they left a lasting impression on their fans before their hiatus. In the case of Swedish melodic metal act DRAGONLAND, who have inspired their extensive following repeatedly since the release of their debut ‘The Battle Of The Ivory Plains’ (2001), the anticipation of new material has continued to grow from year to year since their 2011 release ‘Under The Grey Banner’. This anticipation is about to detonate like TNT on their impressive sixth offering ‘The Power Of The Nightstar’, scheduled for release on AFM/Soulfood.

“DRAGONLAND have already proven that they are one of the strongest bands in the melodic power metal genre“, states Nils Wasko, executive label manager of AFM Records. „We want to continue the success and support them in every step they take. We are very happy that DRAGONLAND is now part of the AFM family and look forward to working together!”

As the world begins to open up again after a long time DRAGONLAND will get ready to release their most ambitious music yet!

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