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  • Jason Hesley

Dive into Mind of Fury's 'III' album and the powerful single 'Screaming in Silence.'

In September 2015, the melodic heavy metal band Mind of Fury was formed by musicians Ghee Yeh, Henry Moreno, and Mike Frankenbush. Ghee Yeh, originally hailing from Santiago, Chile, moved to the United States in 2012, where he recorded an album with Nick Z. Marino, Yngwie Malmsteen's keyboard player. Ghee's unique style has been described as a blend of Metallica, Pantera, and Yngwie, featuring big riffs and shredding guitar. After relocating to Central Florida, he met Henry Moreno (ex-Imagika, ex-Taunted), a San Jose, California native with two decades of touring and recording music in the vein of Bay Area thrash metal.


Ghee and Henry connected in Florida and added Mike Frankenbush to complete the power trio. A Chicago native, Mike brought a thundering sound reminiscent of powerful heavy metal hitters. The chemistry was right, and Mind of Fury was born. The band quickly wrote, recorded, mastered, and released their debut album "Do or Die," described as hard-hitting, melodic heavy metal.


Now ready to deliver their latest onslaught to the world with the release of "III," Mind of Fury has found their synergy and cohesiveness with this latest offering, highlighting the tightness, grit, and maturity this trio delivers live and in the studio. Mind of Fury is ready to ascend to a new level.

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