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  • Jason Hesley

Distant release "(In)Human Scum"

DISTANT has become an unstoppable force. After touring the US with Bodysnatcher, Angelmaker, and Paleface the band just wrapped up their first European headlining tour with Extortionist, Dagger Threat and Abbie Falls. Now they are dropping “(In)Human Scum”, a blistering remix of their track “Human Scum” by electronic music producer INHUMAN.

Get your eardrums wrecked on all digital platforms and click here for the visualizer:

DISTANT comments: “We joined forces with INHUMAN to bring you our very first remix of Human Scum - We present you ‘(In)Human Scum’!

As this being the very first remix outside of our usual field of play, we chose to work with INHUMAN to bring his form of nastiness into our music to create something new yet still within heaviness of our music, expanding the boundaries beyond.”

INHUMAN further adds: “I am thrilled to present my remix of 'Human Scum' by the renowned deathcore band, DISTANT. This release merges the raw intensity of metal with the infectious energy of analog and digital electronic music production, creating a captivating fusion that pushes boundaries and defies the heaviness of classic deathcore. Prepare for an electrifying ride as I reinvent 'Human Scum' in a fresh sonic landscape. Through this remix, we invite you to experience the powerful convergence of two distinct musical worlds, where the driving force of metal collides with the pulsating rhythms and patterns of electronic soundscapes. Join us on this thrilling musical journey as we redefine the essence of 'Human Scum' with an invigorating twist. Get ready to immerse yourself in an adrenaline-fueled audio adventure.”

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