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  • Jason Hesley

DISMINDED to release "The Vision" on March 3rd!

Founded in February 2009, DISMINDED knew relatively quickly in which direction they should go musically: dramatic melodies, hard grooves and fast thrashy parts meet profound, unadorned lyrics, straight from the deepest abysses of the soul: despair, fear, addiction, betrayal, and violence. The best ingredients for solid death metal with a decent old school touch!

After two highly acclaimed albums, "Out Of The Ashes" and "Beheading The Snake", the band went to Tim Schlichting at Flashback Recording Studios in the summer of 2022 to record their third album, "The Visions", which was mixed and mastered by scene icon Harris Johns in late summer.

The result is a no-frills ode to the melodic old school death metal of the nineties. 10 songs full of fervour and devotion with dragging, almost everything rolling down melodies, blast speed parts, pleading and cursing growls and screams - and all that in a contemporary garb, without pandering to "modern" genre expressions. "The Vision" is a musical statement performed without compromise, which will make fans of the genre click their tongues!

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