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  • Jason Hesley

Dishonour present the EP "Erasing the Rats"

DISHONOUR is a death-blackened metal band, formed in 2022 in São Romão do Coronado, Portugal, by Marco “The Beast” Ferreira, a misanthropic Luciferian writer, and composer, and Bruno Silva, a multi-instrumentalist composer, and producer. After recording their debut EP “Erasing the Rats,” they recruited top-notch musicians from the underground scene, including Nuno Mourão, Magnus Einar, and Ruben Oliveira, to complete their live lineup.

With its unique blend of death and black metal, DISHONOUR is poised to make its mark on the heavy music scene. Stay tuned for their dark and furious sound. Currently, DISHONOUR is preparing to release its highly anticipated debut EP, “Erasing The Rats“, which is scheduled to come out in late May / early June 2023 via Theogonia Records.

“Throughout the years, we have used some formulas to stay above the mundane. We remain brutal and wise, extolling all this Luciferian vision. The time has come to vent all of this through our art form. You are invited to be a part of this great diabolical celebration.”


Tracklisting: 1. Erasing The Rats 2. Mayhem´s Heritage 3. Storming The Nazarene 4. The Choir Of Sodomized Angels

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