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Discover HÄXÄR's self-titled debut album, a black metal experience!

Discover HÄXÄR's self-titled debut album, a black metal experience inspired by old spirits and Nordic melodies, released on June 23, 2023, by Sturmglanz. Immerse yourself in a journey through chilling landscapes and uncover secrets hidden within its depths.

Brought to you by the Sturmglanz, immerse yourself in the ethereal journey of HÄXÄR's self-titled debut album - a genuine auditory experience, released on June 23, 2023.

HÄXÄR is more than just music; it is a meticulously curated experience that echoes the tales of the forefathers and the gods, set against the backdrop of cold, barren landscapes. Each composition in this record is inspired by old spirits, carefully intertwined with the sounds of Nordic melodies to create a unique sonic narrative.

HÄXÄR was crafted to life in Switzerland's Inferno Studio under the vigilant eyes and skilled hands of V. Noir. Noir not only recorded and mixed the tracks between July and November 2022 but also lent his talent to all instruments, vocals, and programming. Post-production was handled by Greg Chandler, known for his work with ESOTERIC & LYCHGATE, who mastered the album at the Priory Recording Studio, UK, in December 2022. A special mention must go to Witch N, who contributed guest vocals on "Der Wolf" and enriched "Einklang (Intro)" with her mesmerizing violin performance.

As a manifestation of raw energy and spellbinding craftsmanship, HÄXÄR paints a vivid tapestry of chilling valleys, echoing conifers, and high icy crowns. Through the whistling wind and the scream of darkness, the music channels a ritual that bridges the past and the present. The riffs, piercing yet harmonic, coupled with the driving rhythm, serve as a pathway for the listeners to follow HÄXÄR into the darkness. It's a journey not everyone gets to complete, only the most attentive will uncover the hidden secrets within its depths.

Embrace this auditory odyssey on vinyl or DigiCD, and experience how HÄXÄR transcends the realm of Black Metal to become a stirring testament to the genre. Embark on this journey and let the symphony of HÄXÄR guide you into the realms unknown.

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