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  • Jason Hesley

DIMENTIANON return with "Chapter VI: Burning Rebirth"

Once again, Dimentianon return with their own style of Black, Death, Doom Metal charged with mesmerizing atmospheric, ambient elements. As always, the band follows NO trends and carve out a path all their own with a sound that is natural & refreshing. The band progresses from what they did on their previous album “Dreaming Yuggoth” even further to cultivate an eclectic sound more cohesive and devastating. Mainstay vocalist M delivers his distinct rasp & growls with the combination of Joe Fogarazzo (Rigor Sardonicous) on guitars/bass, Don Zaros (Evoken, Marshmallow Bunnies) on keyboards and Matt Hass (Reluctant Mortem) on drums to deliver organic, character driven instrumentals that form a line-up which gels so seamlessly.

Co-release with Paragon Records (USA) and Symbol of Domination (Moldova).

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