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DEVOLVER Pays Homage To Guitar Hero w/ New Video Single "New Blood"

Following up their single “Jewels of the Maw” unleashed this past July just before their Western Canadian tour, Grande Prairie, Canada's Devolver is unveiling their new track "New Blood", which will be also featured on their forthcoming sophomore album produced with Mark Lewis (The Black Dahlia Murder, Deicide, Devildriver, Whitechapel).

For this new music video, the band wanted to do something fun and pay homage to one of the greatest musical video games "Guitar Hero". The band explains further.

"We had someone make the Guitar Hero charts for New Blood and Jewels Of The Maw, so if you play Clone Hero on PC you can download and play our songs! About the song, it's an amalgamation of riffs written in a single sitting whilst Devin was sitting on a staircase bullshitting with Bevin. It was quickly developed into a skeleton structure at which point Bevin wrote drums for the song. After a tweak to the chorus, the song was finished until lyrics were added and a solo was added after the first chorus per Mark Lewis’ suggestion. This song doesn't sit down at all and goes right until it ends. With chugging riffs, interesting melodies, ripping solos, and a catchy yet memorable chorus, we feel “New Blood” is putting our best foot forward."

The music video for "New Blood" can be seen and heard at

Clone Hero Download -

Melding a particular brand of metal, Devolver can be described as “Gothenburg worship meets NWOAHM”. Formed by guitarist Devin Babcock and drummer/producer Bevin Booth, and later rounded out by guitarist Jayde Penner, vocalist Chris Brown, and bassist Jaylen Elias, Devolver blends groovy metalcore and melodic death metal, creating a unique sound that appeals to fans of modern metal genres while embracing their old school influences, wearing them on their sleeve. With a heavy-hitting new album in tow, and fueled by a passion that can only be understood by seeing their unbridled live performance, they are ready to make waves in Canadian and international metal scenes alike.

The band explains:

"We think the new album will be exciting for any metal fans that hear it. It represents where we’re at as a band and as people. The music WE want to hear, and that we think others must be waiting for as well amongst new releases. Sounds that we’re not hearing anymore. The kinds of groovy and melodic sensibilities of our favourite bands that stylistically have fallen by the wayside in popular metal, but are very much due for a comeback. We want this album to turn some heads and call back to late 90s/00’s melodic death metal and metalcore while pushing forward with a razor-sharp sound. We think people will find it to be a breath of fresh air, that still reminds them of their favourite bands."

The album release date is to be announced at a later date. Devolver is recommended for fans of In Flames, At The Gates, and Soilwork.

Previous single “Jewels of the Maw” at

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