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  • Jason Hesley

Detroit's ASYLENCE drop a video for "In Solidarity We Die"

Forged from the melting pot of Detroit's underground metal scene, Asylence is a well-oiled metal machine built with passion, intent, and ferocity like no other. They are gearing up to release their first full-length “Endanger Us All” next year and to whet the appetite of listeners they are dropping their single “In Solidarity We Die” this month. The track is guitarist Aaron Lumsden’s favorite track and for good reason. The guys really put their heads together on this one—musically this song just rips with a melodic twist on the chorus. The band dogs into the meaning behind it:

“The song to us sounds like it was written by the last person on Earth, writing the final texts about the tragic failing of humankind that brought us to our doom. It’s one of those songs where the message is pretty straightforward, that we are all eventually going to die so why not be good to one another and recognize each of us is the same lost creature on this planet? We are lucky children of this Earth, we are no better than the animals we share the planet with. We need to take care of our home, or we will lose it all.”

The timeline for writing the album was pretty wide with the pandemic hampering some of it, but ultimately it came together in the way it was meant to be. Each of the songs are personal, the riffs are impressive and the band confidently remarks that it is their best effort yet and anyone who likes what they do is going to love it. Listeners are going to recognize their signature sound for sure but they will be pleasantly surprised with some new angles that they decided to take with this one.

When it comes to live performance, fans can expect to bang their heads,, while taking in an onslaught of fast death metal he emphasizes a certain deathly serious vibe to the stage which translates gravely to the crowd; prepare to rock out while contemplating the meaning of existence.

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