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  • Jason Hesley

DERISION CULT Reveals First Single, "Bastards of the World!"

West Chicago Metal Industrial project, led by multi-instrumentalist Dave McAnally, released the official music video for "Bastards of the World"! Produced by Sean Payne (Cyanotic, Robohop, Conformco), "Bastards of the World" is off of the band's upcoming EP, Mercenary Notes Pt 1 , which features a range of high profile guest artists, which is set to release December 2 via GLITCH MODE RECORDINGS!

Mercenary Notes Pt 1 continues on Derision Cult’s themes of over-stimulation and public manipulation by corporations to sell more products. Mainman Dave McAnally draws on first hand experiences from decades in the advertising industry to create a set of tracks which serve as survival guide for maintaining mental health in a media-entrenched world determined to generate hysteria and sensationalism among the masses.

“On the last album, we pointed out ways the media prays on people’s emotions, on this one, we’re talking about solutions and how to move forward in the 21st century. It’s called Mercenary Notes because we wanted to sort of reveal how the magic tricks for playing on emotions are done so they’re easier to spot. I think that’s good for people to think about how they’re hearing things and if it’s meant to wind them up vs. provide objective information. Even though the tracks are visceral and aggressive, there’s a positive message throughout it”.

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