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  • Jason Hesley

Denver metalcore/prog metal outfit A Shadow Within release new single ‘Monster’

A Shadow Within has released their newest single ‘Monster’, for fans of metalcore in the styles of Wage War, We Came As Romans, Architects, Memphis May Fire, I Prevail, and Kingdom of Giants, who are looking for a fresh and energetic track to add to their playlists.

'Monster' is about the duality of human nature," said vocalist David Bowick. "We all have the capacity for both good and evil, and in today's world, it's more important than ever to be aware of our own inner monsters. We need to be careful not to let our darker impulses.

The song's heavy guitars and driving drums create a visceral and intense atmosphere, while the lyrics explore the themes of self-doubt, anger, and violence. "Monster" is a call to arms for anyone who is struggling with their own inner demons.

"We want this song to be a reminder that we're not alone," David goes on. "We all have our own monsters to face, but we can overcome them together." - A Shadow Within.

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