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Delirium release video for "Medusa"

Delirium is a 5-piecemetal band hailing from the islands of Malta with interesting different genres, which comes through in their songs. Following a successful release of their first Music Video ‘’War is Blood’’ back in March, they have now released their second single ‘’Medusa’’

Single Release –‘’Medusa’’Delirium has recently released a new song on the 19th of August 2022, entitled "Medusa". As the name implies, this song is a modern take on the Greek mythological monster known as ‘Medusa’, the beautiful woman who is betrayed and then turned into the monster we all know, who turns those that stare into stone. In this song however, it is current times which surround the circumstances of Medusa’s curse, rather than ancient Greek times.This song also brings out the current addiction that many people from the younger generation have towards social media, and the mental issues it can bring along with it, with the vast majority of youth constantly checking their phone, chatting, commenting and judging others, instead of living life in the moment. Consequently, this generation is now obsessed with wanting to look perfect and happy, depicting an image which is more often than not, not the reality. One cannot leave out the other important aspect in the story of Medusa, her snakes. Delirium uses real snakes throughout the video which are accentuated by the high, psychedelic sound of the synthesizer playing a hypnotizing melody to keep you attuned. The snakes mostly appear following a betrayal by her boyfriend, where other side of her is brought to life. The breakdown section of the song is contrasted with the quieter parts in-between, representing the two sides of Medusa; the once quiet, beautiful woman and the monster that she was cursed to become, with a strong drum beat and haunting guitar riff throughout.

Although the character of Medusa is usually shown as a femme fatale, she is also a “victim of a twisted game”, as the lyrics say, because in this modern take, she constantly seeks reassurance from her ‘fans’ on social media, trying to be more popular but sacrificing her mental health in the process. After Medusa experiences a heart breaking, life-changing moment, she starts to seek revenge and shows off her manipulative side. As shown in the music video, Medusa flirts with numerous men and disposes of them once she has used them. Following a one-night stand, Medusa tries to show affection towards the man, however, she is ignored.The most unfortunate part of this story is that Medusa realizes she is a victim when it is too late, since she has no escape from this wretched curse and judgemental society. The music video end with a twist, as she has been defeated by the expectations of society.This will be the second single that Delirium have released this past year, after having released “War is Blood” last April.

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