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Deimhal's "Malice": Exploring Unconventional Sounds in Symphonic Black Metal!

"The most daring or unconventional decision we made during the creation of 'Malice' was having our new guitarist, Jukka Hallikainen, compose the song," revealed the band. "This marked a significant change for us because it introduced more composers into the band, giving us a more multidimensional vision for our new songs."

"Malice" indeed represents a departure from Deimhal's previous work. The band's evolution is evident in the composition itself, which they describe as "more guitar-driven and melodic" compared to their earlier productions. The song stands out as their most experimental endeavor yet, a testament to their willingness to explore new approaches in a genre that often adheres to established norms.

The distinctive combination of power metal and scream vocals in "Malice" was inspired by the lyrics themselves. Mika Tönning, the band's singer, suggested experimenting with male vocals for the chorus. Christian Palin, the singer of Janne Kusmin's other band, Fenyx Rising, proved to be the perfect choice to bring this unique blend of vocal styles to life.

Deimhal's approach to integrating symphonic elements with black metal was a natural progression for the band, as they have always had an affinity for symphonic black metal. Henri Isojärvi, responsible for synths, has been granted creative freedom to arrange and compose the synth parts, resulting in a seamless incorporation of orchestral elements into their music. However, the challenges arise during the composition process, as the band collaborates entirely online, sometimes necessitating extensive song editing to accommodate synths effectively.

As "Malice" serves as a taste of what's to come, fans can expect a musical direction that leans towards faster tempos in the upcoming EP. The band promises more guitar melodies, blast beats, and diverse vocal styles, making the songs stand out while staying true to their evolving style.

"Malice" is the first single from Deimhal's eagerly anticipated second EP, set to release in the next winter. The track showcases the band's experimental side, combining symphonic synths, raw lead and power metal vocals, blast beat drums, and melodic guitar and bass parts. The lyrics explore themes of human inner darkness and societal evil, providing a reflection on the growing inclination of people towards darkness in their daily lives.

Deimhal's "Malice" is a must-listen for fans of bands like Dimmu Borgir and Old Man’s Child, offering a unique blend of symphonic and black metal elements. This single provides a glimpse into Deimhal's distinctive style and thematic depth, leaving listeners eagerly awaiting the full EP.

Recording "Malice" was a collaborative effort by the band, with Jukka Hallikainen handling composition, Mika Tönning taking charge of lyrics, and the entire band arranging and producing the track. Recorded in each member's personal "bedroom" studio, the single was expertly mixed and mastered by Joni Borodavkin.

Deimhal's "Malice" is not just a song but a bold step forward in the world of symphonic black metal, showcasing their willingness to embrace experimentation and explore uncharted territories in their musical journey. As they prepare to release their second EP, the metal community eagerly awaits to see where Deimhal's artistic evolution will take them next.

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