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  • Jason Hesley

Defleshed Announces New Album “Grind Over Matter” for October 28th!

Swedish Death Metallers Defleshed have set October 28th as the release date for their new full-length “Grind Over Matter“! For a first preview of the album, a new video (directed by Magnus Ewald) for the single ‘Grind Over Matter’ can be viewed at: – where “Grind Over Matter” can also be pre-ordered.

Gustaf Jorde comments: “We’re excited to present the first song off our first album in 17 years – “Grind over Matter”! Together with Lawrence Mackrory we’ve worked hard to produce an audial bitch slap for all of us who need one from time to time. Enjoy the madness – fast forward to the front!

Grind Over Matter” was tracked at Rorysound Studios, Uppsala, Sweden, with Lawrence Mackrory, with two weeks devoted to drums, another two for guitar and bass and two three-day sessions for vocals. “It was pretty straightforward, the hardest part was to not get carried away by impulsive ideas too much, but stay put to the original plan,” says Jorde.

From the mid-90s to 2005, Sweden’s Defleshed churned out a hot blend of thrash, death metal and grindcore, marking themselves as one of the most vital bands in all three of those genres. Having run out of inspiration and wanting to try other things they called it a day the same year they released their fifth album “Reclaim The Beat“, and ever since fans have hollered for their reunion. In 2021 they got what they were asking for when the band’s core lineup – guitarist Lars Löfven, drummer Matte Modin and bassist/vocalist Gustaf Jorde – got back together. They released the “Fleshless And Wild” single the same year and are now looking forward to releasing “Grind Over Matter” on October 28th!

Defleshed live: 28/10/22 SE – Uppsala – Katalin / album release show 29/10/22 SE – Karlstad – Nöjesfabriken w/Skitsystem 05/11/22 SE – Linköping – The Crypt 25/11/22 DE – Hirschaid – Braincrusher In Hell Festival 06/12/22 JP – Tokyo – Show Space Odd 07/12/22 JP – Osaka – Socore Factory 08/12/22 JP – Tokyo – Show Space Odd

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