• Jason Hesley

Debut album from the Belgian sludge metal project La Nausée.....!!!

In January 2021 sludge metal band La Nausée released their first single ‘SPLIT, accompanied by a lyric video.

On April 29th the second single ‘LIKE COIN’ is released, followed by the full EP ‘BATTERING RAM’ on May 7th. It will be released by Spectral Hound Records and will be available on CD and cassette.

La Nausée about the Battering Ram EP:

‘Our music is about where we can place ourselves in this world, in this life. The force of nature is unparalleled. The mind is too small to grasp the whole picture. Essence precedes existence, but not for us. We are to decide our state of being and make ourselves whole. Another source of inspiration is the dichotomy between the human individual and forces such as corporate marketing, governments or media that try to influence and bias them.’

‘For this EP we teamed up with Stef Exelmans to do the mix and master and we really like the result. He did an awesome job in the past recording the latest TURPENTINE VALLEY and BEAR albums and we knew immediately that he was the man we wanted to work with.’

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