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  • Jason Hesley

Deathcore band BURIED SHALLOW release debut self-titled EP!

BURIED SHALLOW are a new band rising within the extreme underground scene of Perth, Western Australia. As their new self-titled debut EP shows, they can punish and pummel as much, if not more, than any of the veteran bands. The EP showcases a rather diverse sound that incorporates hardcore mayhem with the infamous dark, towering grooves of death metal.

BURIED SHALLOW have made a name for themselves on the live circuit by tearing up the crowds with exuberant experiences, leaving a searing but enduring impression on audiences. They have ripped up the stage alongside modern Aussie legends like NICOLAS CAGE FIGHTER and XENOBIOTIC.

Their debut self-titled EP is heavy but with heart. Lyrically, it explores dark themes and delves deep into life’s challenges by overcoming them through the transformative power of inner strength. Musically, the EP lives up to their furious live performances and raucous energy.

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