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  • Jason Hesley

Death Metal Outfit SONUM Drop Lyric Video "New Omega"

"New Omega" is a track taken from Sonum's upcoming album "Visceral Void Entropy", due for release on July 8th, 2022 via Wormholedeath.

• OBSCURITY, RAGE, DISSONANCE, DOOM • From a Death Metal base, exploring new dimensions of the extreme Metal universe, feeding up sadness and wickedness… The lineup is made up of experienced musicians who joined the project after years spent playing in other bands. After two EPs, (“Monolithic” 2020 and “Divide et Impera” 2021) in which the compositional approach and sound performances have evolved and matured, the character of the band finally takes shape on the 9-track-debut album "VISCERAL VOID ENTROPY", The main influences are linked to bands such as Nero di Marte, Ulcerate, Deathspell Omega, Gorguts, Execration...but there are also references to other genres, like Doom/Psychrock for some atmospheres or Avant-garde classical music of Stockhausen, Penderecki, and Mussorgsky in the orchestrations/arrangements and the interludes.

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