• Jason Hesley

Death Metal band from Indonesia INFITAR Unveil Second Full-length "INHUMAN"

Death metal music group Infitar, began to show its existence back in the 2nd album entitled "Inhuman" which will be vomited on April 28, 2021. Released on cassette and CD format with different visuals and packaging, cassette will be released by Sudden Death Records (INA). and CD released by Lingering Cadaverine Records (TX).

The album, which contains 7 Tracks with duration more than 30 minutes, features gripping composition guitar riffs filled by Rsharsh which gives a dark nuance of destruction, then on the drum beats that were beaten by Bob Gulma containing sharp skank, blastbeat which is side by side with drum fill, and all drum patterns that creates heavy nuances combined with bass instruments become the chart of the song is very dense, which immediately penetrates Your ears, and Latif on Vocals who throws a dense truth distortion scream whose deliver solid and firm of the lyrics on the album content.

The pre-order session has started to open, via the following labels:

CDs can be ordered via Lingering Cadaverine Records (TX)

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