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  • Jason Hesley

Death/groove metal band BLOODSHOT to release EP ‘ABSENCE’

Death/Groove metal band BLOODSHOT are set to unleash their new EP, ‘ABSENCE.’   The EP is blistering death metal with a searing hot center wrapped up in modern, catchy grooves.  As if this double dosage of head banging death wasn’t enough, the band throws in elements of thrash that makes ‘ABSENCE’  an unstoppable juggernaut of unyielding energy. 

The Oxfordshire based BLOODSHOT was established in 2016 and released their debut EP ‘PURGATORY’ just a year later.  Their live circuit alongside such established acts as KING 810, INGESTED, and DIAMOND HEAD has made them a household name in their city of OXFORD.

The ‘ABSENCE’ EP piles on the density of their bludgeoning sound but is also the band’s most ambitious release to date.  ‘ABSENCE’ is stuffed with blistering riffs, melodic solos, and massive breakdowns, with the high production values highlighting the substantial mass of the band's distinct brand of death metal. 

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