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  • Jason Hesley

Death / Thrash crossover band PROGRAMMED release debut album "Ctrl-Altr-Delete"

Sacramento, California death / thrash crossover band PROGRAMMED are providing their new self-released debut album "Ctrl-Altr-Delete" for worldwide media review and radio airplay.

The official album release date is August 16, 2023.

Programmed - "Ctrl-Altr-Delete" tracklist

1.Self Nemetic2.Cybernetic Beast3.When Spilled4.Put It Down5.Control + Altr + Delete6.Desolation7.Immortal Tomb8.A I Owns You


Introducing Programmed: A thrashing force led by Daniel Mills.

Programmed, the brainchild of seasoned musician Daniel Mills, emerges as a potent force in the realm of thrash metal. With a rich and storied history, Daniel's solo project showcases his immense talent, and unyielding dedication to delivering bone-crushing riffs and blistering solos.

Born and bred in the heart of the underground metal scene, Daniel Mills is no stranger to the relentless energy and rebellious spirit that thrash metal embodies. With a wealth of experience acquired through years of honing his craft, he now steps into the spotlight under the banner of Programmed, fearlessly exploring new dimensions within the genre.

Programmed's sonic assault, expertly crafted and flawlessly executed, propels listeners into a headbanging frenzy from the very first note. Energetic and unrelenting, each track delivers an adrenaline-fueled onslaught of aggression and precision.

The songwriting delves into themes of societal decay, personal struggles, and the indomitable human spirit. Programmed’s words strike a chord with listeners, pushing them to reflect on the realities that surround us all, making Programmed more than just a sonic assault, but a compelling journey into the depths of human emotion.

With a relentless drive for perfection, Daniel Mills has handcrafted every aspect of Programmed, from the raw and refreshing sound to the intricacies of the engineering and production. This one-man powerhouse embraces the freedom of independence, allowing each note, drumbeat, and lyric to resonate with utmost authenticity.

As Programmed unleashes its debut EP, anticipation builds for the chaos and unbridled energy that define this solo project. With a storied past in thrash metal and an unyielding vision, Daniel Mills' Programmed is a force to be reckoned with. Brace yourselves, for the era of thrashing domination is upon us.

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