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  • Jason Hesley

Dead Heat: California Crossover Collective Signs to Metal Blade Records!

Metal Blade Records is pleased to welcome Oxnard, California crossover collective DEAD HEAT to its iconic roster!

Forged in 2016 in, DEAD HEAT is known for their high-energy live performances and aggressive sound that draws influence from various subgenres of thrash, punk, hardcore, and metal. DEAD HEAT‘s music is characterized by fast, thrashy riffs, driving rhythms, harmonious leads, and intense vocals that often veer into screamed or shouted terrain. Thematically, the band delves deep into social and political issues, as well as personal struggles and experiences.

In addition to crafting pulverizing music, the DEAD HEAT crew is notorious for their DIY approach to punk/metal culture and their involvement in the broader hardcore scene. The band members are regularly involved in booking shows and events in their local scene, as well as supporting various social and political causes.

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