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Dead End Finland's long-awaited fifth album Victory out now!

Finnish melodic metal band Dead End Finland released their long-awaited fifth studio album 'Victory' today March 31st 2023 via Inverse Records. LISTEN Victory album on streaming services: The band comments all the tracks on the album: 1. Northern Winds With it's story, Northern Winds describes a situation where a person has to face an approaching threat and follow his instincts to try to survive. The published lyric video contains winter beauty imagery and bows towards to the rugged northern nature. 2. Wounded & Bleeding Wounded & Bleeding was the first song completed for the album and it was released as the first single already in the fall of 2020. We tried to accomplish a slightly shamanic atmosphere with a chanting choir. The lyrics revolve again in apocalyptic moods. 3. Heavy Rain The song, released as a single in December 2022, is about the crushing feeling when gloom and doom take over the mind again. About the powerlessness you feel the first thing in the morning when you wake up and the inadequacy that doesn't let you out of it's grip until the next night. About the feeling when every day is rough in the wind and rain - heavy rain. Nina Kuronen (Endless Exam, Bad Apples) brought additional spice to the song's massive choruses with her beautiful voice. 4. Beyond The Distance Beyond The Distance tells a story about how you have to touch the bottom first to be able to push yourself towards the surface. Despite it's dark tone, it's actually a kind of power song. 5. In The Dark In the Dark, the narrator is exhausted at the crossroads of life. The current path has already been walked to the end and it is necessary to choose a new direction. No one hears the cry for help. A part of him would like to hang on to the old one, even though it is slowly killing him from the inside. 6. Kaamos All our albums have a soothing short instrumental interlude in the middle of the album. This time the song is a soundtrack-like piano-driven atmospheric piece that grows towards the end. 7. Up so High, Down So Low Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes it's important to look at what really matters. You can never say for sure what the leap into the unknown will bring. Sometimes a new beginning can be found in a free fall. The screaming part of the song is handled by the brilliant, metallic rap guest artist, Nyrkki-Kyllikki. This was the last single from the album. 8. Delusions Of Grandeur Delusions Of Grandeur is one of the fastest songs on the album. There is no braking, and no slowing down to the c-section. You can stamp your foot on the floor from beginning to end. The song also creates a good contrast to the album compared to the previously heard interlude. 9. Bound To Be Reborn Bound To Be Reborn was one of the first songs on the album. The drums played at half tempo on top of the fast guitar riff gives the song it's characteristic heavy touch. Contrary to the original composition idea, the song ended up with no screams at all. 10. Wrath Of God Wrath Of God is the closing rock song of the album. The song moves forward briskly and predicts that the world will only change for the worse if the course is not corrected. The song is a tough declaration that ends the album nicely with the phrase "final song begins now". It is then easy to start the disc from the beginning again.

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