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  • Jason Hesley

DARKSPACE Signal at New Music!

> Amidst the echoes, a haunting scream reverberates through the vast expanse.

> Picked up by the keen sonar of an orbiting satellite.

> Triumvirate reach out to the inhabitants of Earth.

     > Wroth

     > Yhs

     > Zharaal

That's right, earthlings: Darkspace are gearing up for their long-awaited return. It's been almost a decade since their last transmission. But next year, they'll emerge from the void with Dark Space -II.

This new recording loosely deviates from the course set by Darkspace on their previous four albums. New member Yhs leads Wroth and Zharaal to experiment with different sonic textures. But while the mysterious trio still venture into uncharted aural territories, Dark Space -II never leaves their familiar realm of psychedelic, atmospheric, spatial black metal.

Dark Space -II comes out February 16, 2024. But you can hear a snippet of the supermassive black hole that is "Dark -2.-2" today over on our YouTube channel. 

Listen to the teaser:

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