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  • Jason Hesley

DARK AGE OF RUIN release "False Messiah And The Abstract"

From the depths of Atlantida one of the most violent projects born in the Azores is reborn, with its debut album, after an EP released in 2022, which caused a lot of talk. Dark Age Of Ruin, a band from São Miguel born in 2020, come to claim the throne of Azorean Black Metal with an extremely furious and hateful album, based on the best that the style produced in Northern Europe during the mid 90s, but more raw, typical of the sound practiced in more recent times. The duo, formed by vocalist and bassist Hugo Medeiros and guitarist Hugin Medeiros, father and son, bet on a satanic approach and, simultaneously, pronouncedly spiritual and introspective, but without contemplation or mercy, distancing themselves from the more naturist approach of the first work. The production of the disc, deeply dirty and suffocating, which was in charge of the band itself, makes all the instruments shine, also highlighting the voice, for its originality within the style and for the dark effect it causes on the listener.

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