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DARGOR Brings Out the Demons with the Cover of Satyricon's ''The Wolfpack''

The Polish Band DARGOR continues to spread his personal vision of melodic black metal and this time gives us a wonderful and personal cover of Satyricon's classic “The Wolfpack”.

The band, originally from Krosno and founded by Michał Kustra, plays melodic, atmospheric but still aggressive black metal. Lyrics are mostly about mental pain, the process of inner descent and the dark sides of human nature. Despite the negative subjects, the message is positive: we can always choose between Darkness and Light.

Watch the video for “The Wolfpack” in its entirety now!

According to the cover the leader Michał Kustra stated:

„This is the great classic from Satyricon’s „The Age Of Nero” album. We just wanted to play and record it because of its feeling and groove. It’s a killer track live - very primal and powerful!”

“The Wolfpack” is included in Descent Into Chaos, the debut album from these Polish guys. It has been recorded at Regnat Audio Studio and Kancho Records Studio by Piotr Krygowski and Grzesiek Gnat. Track editing by Piotr Krygowski, Michał Kustra & Adrian Jarosz. Mixing and mastering by Adrian Jarosz. Mixing and mastering of “Crown” by Adrian Mięsowicz. Music & Lyrics by Michał Kustra (excepting the covers). Artwork by Gabriela Muszyńska.

Descent Into Chaos is available on Dargor’s Bandcamp profile:

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