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  • Jason Hesley

Damnation Plan to release "The New Horizon" on September 8th!

The Finnish progressive metal act Damnation Plan can be characterized as a modern chameleon of metal: combining both harsh and clean vocals in their trademark genre crossing heavily rhythmic and emotional metal. On the new album this time all the vocals are 99% clean!

Among personal reflections, the band's lyrics deal critically with mainstream taboos and the ever growing ignorance of the masses.

After their previous album Reality Illusion (2017) the band's second vocalist Tommy Tuovinen (MyGrain) left the band, and the band's other vocalist Asim Searah since took over all the vocal duties live, and also for the new album. Therefore the new album will feature Damnation Plan with a new through-out clean vocals approach, attaching their style even more in the style of traditions respecting progressive metal, featuring mostly clean vocals.

As on the earlier releases the album cover art is designed by the band's drummer / producer / songwriter / lyricist Jarkko Lunnas. Jarkko comments on the cover art and the album's thematic aspects:

"The album cover art depicts dark times as a darkened globe, a global shift, a division. A new horizon that sets the stage for our future. Is the shift going to bring us to extinction or simply be the change we need for a better renewed beginning? A lot of how that unfolds is written in our behavioral traits that we pass on, and maybe learn from our past, which also a lot of this album's lyrics deal with."

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