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  • Jason Hesley

DÉPÉRIR, extreme metal band from Canada (Québec City) releases its second album BLACK BEAST!

DÉPÉRIR was born in France in 2011 through a meeting between Nico, guitarist of DECENT, a death metal band from the Lyon area, and Sorthei, drummer of DAEDELION and PAVILLON ROUGE . CedR joins them as the singer.

2013, Nico moves to Québec which ends the first era of the band.

January 2015, Sorthei moves to Quebec as well and quite naturally he joins the band again , this time with Arawn on bass and WT on vocals (Endless Horizon/Hak-Ed Damm)

From July 2015, the concerts are continuous, they play with ARBOR (USA) ATROCE (Qc) DÉLÉTÈRE (Qc) NEIGE ÈTERNELLE (Qc)

2016, the band goes to Sonum Studio to record their first self-titled album.

The album was mixed in France at Convulsound Studio (Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition / Benighted / Mithridatic) and they were offered to open for TAAKE (Nor), HELHEIM (Nor) and BLACKLODGE (Fr)

Released in 2017, the first album allows DÉPÉRIR to play all over Quebec, with SACCAGE (Qc) OUTRE TOMBE (Qc) NORDHEIM (Qc) APES (Qc) CRYPTOPSY (Qc)

In 2018/2019, the band performed at the Quebec DeathFest in Montreal / Quebec City Summer Festival / Doom days of Summer (USA)

The last concert of the band before Covid-19 was in Saguenay with NARGAROTH (Germany)

2020, line-up change! Nico parts ways with Sorthei, founding member, who is no longer available because of his job as an airline pilot. WT is replaced by Bob Girard, singer of ANCESTOR'S REVENGE (Qc) and Nico also assumes the role of bassist for the recording of the second album: BLACK BEAST!

Kevin Foley (Benighted/Abbath/Hjelvik) records the drum parts at WarmAudio in Décines (Fr)

June 4th 2021, the first single BLACK BEAST is released on Youtube as a lyric video with Vincent Houde (DOPETHRONE/NIGGGHT) as guest vocalist!

February 5th 2022, the release of the second single: SUCCUBUS!

At the end of 2021, the rehearsals resume, JF Coté joins the band as bassist, Wax Lamontagne as guitarist and Samuel Santiago (Ex- ARKHON INFAUSTUS / MELECHESH / GOROD) becomes the live session drummer of DÉPÉRIR!

The second album BLACK BEAST will be released on April 9th 2022 in Montréal!

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