• Jason Hesley

Déluge launches video for new single, “Digue”

On November 6th, France’s Déluge will release their sophomore album, Ægo Templo, via Metal Blade Records. For a preview of the record, a video for the new single, “Digue” (directed by VCR), can be viewed at:

Déluge comments: “We see life as a perpetual battle with your inner self, and ‘Digue’ (dike, breakwater) symbolizes that constant fight to stay in the bright side of life.

To win this battle, we feel the necessity to embrace the dark part of it, in order to see every little glow in the darkness slowly becoming a strong flame, the need to change our perception to eventually see beauty where it is. But it is a curse and a deep weakness not being able to see beauty otherwise. The different scenes in the music video play with these emotions and the battles you fight with yourself, trying to keep yourself into the light.”

The previously released single, “Opprobre”, can be heard at: – where Ægo Templo can also be pre-ordered.

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