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  • Jason Hesley

Czech iconic death/doom band of the nineties HYPNOTIC SCENERY for the first time on vinyl!

HYPNOTIC SCENERY was originally formed in 1991 in Havířov as a grindcore band. In 1991, Havířov was still a town in Czechoslovakia, located in the region of northern Moravia. The division of Czechoslovakia into two separate states, the Czechia and Slovakia, took place on January 1st 1993.

The name HYPNOTIC SCENERY was derived from the state or feeling a person has under the influence of hypnosis, drugs or hallucinations. The band's fateful turning point in the direction of death/doom metal was caused simply by the band's musical development. An essential change took place after a keyboardist joined the band, bringing a touch of darkness in the form of keyboards, Latin recitations and also the idea of writing lyrics in Latin in the music artwork.

After the demos "Detur" and "Crystal Curtain", HYPNOTIC SCENERY entered Barbarella recording studio located in the third largest Czech city called Ostrava in April 1995. Their first album "Vacuum" was recorded there. It contains some re-recorded tracks from both demos, but also some newer work from the then-time. The songs from demos were put on CD mainly because the quality of the first recordings was not satisfactory according to band members.

Ordering is possible in PařátshopHERE

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