• Jason Hesley

Czech death metallers SOUL MASSACRE have a video for, "Mindstealer"

As you know, on August 20th, not only the 101st issue of Parat was released, but also the second album of Czech death metal band SOUL MASSACRE, which Parat is the label of.

If you liked the album, you will be pleased to know that a few days ago SOUL MASSACRE released the official music video for the track "Mindstealer". You can review it on YouTube [_wp_link_placeholder]HERE

"Mindstealer" is about stealing people's success and the depravity of some people's minds. The plot of the clip shows the life of one such thief who haunts his victim, intrudes into her life, until he finally becomes part of her life. The video was directed by Frodys from Audiovisual Weird Arts and the fact that the video also features former SOUL MASSACRE bassist Tomas Bzucek is not lost on the observant eye.

You can listen to the album "Despair Of Human Being" in its entirety on YouTube. If you don't have it yet and would like to own the original CD (8-pages booklet), just visit the Paratshop HERE

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