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CYCLOPS CATARACT Unleashes Video for “The Devil of the Sea”

CYCLOPS CATARACT Unleashes Video for “The Devil of the Sea”; Interview with Planet K Records June 13

The Scottish Black/Death Metal Outfit CYCLOPS CATARACT has released a new video for the track “The Devil of the Sea”.

The song is part of the new album The Bestiary, released on June, 5th via Planet K Records.

Watch the video in its entirety on the label YouTube channel:

Among the events not to be missed, note the interview that Claire of Planet K Records will do with CYCLOPS CATARACT on Sunday 13 June at 9 pm

Interview link:

The Bestiary is available as jewel case and digital download on the label Bandcamp page:


1. Beginnings (2:21)

2. Baobhan Sith (3:51)

3. Hatred Forever (6:28)

4. The Devil of the Sea (7:31)

5. Crimson Wrath (5:35)

6. The Unforgiven Dead (4:47)

7. Second Skin (10:51)

8. Venemous Serpent (3:20)

9. The Beast's Fill (3:21)

10. The Final Night (6:11)

11. Endings (4:15)

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