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  • Jason Hesley

CURSEBINDER release the album "Drifting"

Cursebinder was born in 2019 in Kraków, Poland, combining black and doom metal influences with an eye for unrestrained experimentation. Pursuing diverse influences and drawing from post-rock, shoegaze, avantgarde and progressive metal, they developed a sound entirely of their own, culminating in the debut LP 'Drifting'.

Recorded and produced through 2022 at the venerable Impressive Art studio, 'Drifting' fuses nuanced guitar work, a wide variety of rhythms and psychedelic ambiances. Shifting between aggressive and philosophical moods, Cursebinder's debut album contains lyrical exploration of the ways in which human ambition and greed repeatedly crash in the face of natural order, and how feelings of restlessness, disconnection and cold isolation permeate the modern world.

Avantgarde Music will release 'Drifting' on CD, LP, and digital platforms on April 7th. Find digital preorders at Bandcamp HERE. 💽 TRACKLIST 1. Affected by Panic 2. Drifting 3. Shred by Shred 4. Becoming 5. Can They Hear Me 6. No Dreams 7. Every Tree a Sanctuary 8. Permeating the Undergrowth

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