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  • Jason Hesley

CULTØ: Italian melodic death metallers to release debut album "Of the Sun" in October!

Italian melodic death metallers CULTØ have signed to Time To Kill Records for the release of their debut album "Of the Sun". The album is out October 27th on CD, LP, and digital formats. Stream the first single "Flare" HERE. CULTØ was born from an idea of ​ mastermind Dave, who, in a very short time span, managed to put together a line-up made up of well-known musicians from the Lombardy underground scene (Ghostheart Nebula, Vide, Perfidious, etc.) and record an album of nine songs. The style of "Of The Sun" comes straight from the Gothenburg sound of the 90s (In Flames, Dark Tranquility, etc.) opening on to more aggressive musical tones. The album is not only a personal interpretation of this music style, but revolves around a message on the awakening of generative consciousness and on the power of artistic expression. The concept of the lyrics is focused on the awareness of the artist and his creative abilities, through the metaphor of a star that, following a flare, becomes a creator and destroyer god in search of himself and his kind. CULTØ combine a number of genres and influences, ranging from In Flames to Bloodbath and Septicflesh, filtered through a prism of metallic extremity. The result is fierce melodic death metal, mixing the best of old and new school into their own sound. Tracklist:

1. Flare 2. Experiment 1 3. Excrete 4. Frost 5. The Desert Of Shadows 6. Void 7. The Ashes Of Annihilation 8. Darkness Leads To Light 9. Fire From Inside

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